dr. Valentina Ventura
Medical Doctor surgeon and nutritionist

Do the best for others,
as you would like it to be done for you

Why contact me?

I am a physician with extensive knowledge of nutrition obtained through a master's degree in Food Science.

I work with consistency and honesty, in compliance with the principles of current medical scientific evidence, and I like to establish with my patients a relationship based on mutual trust and communication.

Relying on a doctor (nutritionist) is advantageous because only a doctor can:

  • diagnose possible diseases
  • interact "on an equal basis " with the patient's GP
  • prescribe in-depth diagnostic tests
  • provide "specialist medical services", which can be tax deductible or can be reimbursed by your insurance company
  • justify your time off from work for medical examinations

I also:

  • provide free consultations in Aesthetic Medicine during the first nutrition visit
  • perform aesthetic medicine interventions
  • take blood samples during the nutrition visit
  • work with a team of professionals - an Allergist, a Diabetologist, an Endocrinologist and 3 Psychologists - to provide all-round service to our patients

I founded the Nutrizione Prevenzione Medical Center, the only regional medical center specialized in nutrition and integrated medicine

A medical and humane approach, to feel better with yourself, and with the others.

Specific needs require personalized diets

A correct and balanced diet is the starting point for obtaining several results:

  • prevent or cure a disease
  • achieve the desired aesthetics
  • achieve a certain body composition or sport performance

I am inspired by the principles of the Mediterranean diet, which is scientifically proven to be a lifestyle, as well as a healthy, complete and balanced diet..

Eating must remain a pleasure. Also for people on a diet.